Thursday, May 19, 2011


Maui was our first stop and I'm so glad it was - it was exactly what I needed.

2 out of 3 mornings in Maui we ate at Da Kitchen in Kihea. Yum!
I've never eaten rice with my omelet before, but if I could find some Porteguese sausage I'd do it at home.

We went to the Four Seasons Resort to have a fancy dinner and while we waited for our reservation we walked on the beach and watched the sunset.

Is there really anything better than a sunset on the beach in Hawaii??

We have some great friends that do "jump" pictures wherever they go - so the below picture is just for you Paul and Rachael.

Maui was awesome!  It was so much more relaxed and more of a "Hawaii" vibe than Waikiki.  We checked out some farmers markets and walked around and recovered from wedding stress.

We snorkeled Molokini (below) - my first time ever.  After I got over my initial panic attack - it was awesome.  On the boat ride out we saw a whale.  While snokeling we saw schools of different fish and 5 or 6 sea turtles.  It was great - I'm glad I let Colby talk me into it.
Next up  - Oahu.

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