Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Question: Since when does For Sale By Owner mean, I really really want a Realtor and every single licensed one should call and try to get me to sign?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Case Lot Sales

It is that time of year again. It's as good as Christmas (almost) for my mom and I. We tend to get a little nutty about food storage, so I just thought I give a shout out and let you know locally where some really great deals are.

Overall I thought that Maceys/Winegars had the best deals on the majority of items. I have gone through the adds and picked out some of the most common items and done a price comparison (I know totally nerdy!) for those items, with the price and what store. Please go shopping. Even if you just spend $20, do something - anything - PLEASE!!

Flour (25 lb bag) -- $6.49 (Winegars)
Sugar (25 lb bag) -- $9.77 (Winegars)
Vegetables (Canned) -- $0.44 (Smiths)
Beans (Canned) -- $0.57 (Maceys/Winegars)
Water Barrels (55 gallon)*** -- $35.99 (Maceys/Kents)
Soup (Tomato/Chicken Noodle) -- $0.33 (Maceys)
Soup (Cream of Chicken/Mushroom) -- $0.50 (Maceys/Kents)
Chili -- $0.88 (Reams
Apple Juice -- $0.99 (Maceys)
Brown Sugar/Powdered Sugar -- $0.99 (Winegars/Maceys)
Oil (128 oz bottle) -- $4.99 (Maceys)
Pancake Syrup (128 oz bottle) -- $3.99 (Maceys)
Spaghetti O's -- $0.48 (Macyes)
Spaghetti Sauce (Jar) -- $0.88 (Reams)
Salt -- $0.39 (Reams)
Sweetened Cond. Milk -- $0.99 (Maceys)
Evaporated Milk -- $0.67 (Winegars/Maceys)
Tuna -- Tuna (Maceys/Smiths)
Pasta -- $0.88 (Reams)
Ramen (case) -- $3.00 (Smiths)

***If you do not have water, you will die and none of that food will matter - just sayin'.

Also, Maceys, Kents, Winegars - generally all the associated foods stores around these parts carry a wide selection of food/items in #10 cans. Anything from Powdered Milk, Cheese, Eggs, etc. to Freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

After church on Sunday we did family pictures. Kyah's hair is unruly - which is normal and Jaxon didn't want to sit and have his picture taken - which is normal. All in all we had a great 4 days. It was so nice just to spend time with the kids. My Grandpa made marshmellow guns for everyone adults and kids and we had a war. I wish I had good pictures of this because it was so funny. Jaxon and Kyah have some at home so they were one step ahead of everyone else. It was all fun and games until somebody got hurt. Sorry Tracy! St. George is Jaxon's most favorite place in the whole world - I'm not kidding. Days before we leave everytime you put him in his carseat he asks if we are going to St. George yet. The kids cracks me up. It is his own personal paradise. The day we left he pouted and wouldn't say good-bye to anyone because he was so sad. Poor guy - I will take you back soon, I promise.

Washington County Pool

We went to Jaxon's beloved St. George for a family reunion over Labor Day. The kids were so excited!! On Saturday we took the kids to the pool to cool down. This is one of the best pools I have ever taken the kids to. There was a high speed floating river (no tubes = higher speeds), a play area for babies and a big kids play area that had slides and a huge bucket that filled with water and dumped on the kids. It was a great time to spend time together and play. Jaxon loved the water cannons and getting in water wars with his mom and sisters and Kyah loved the fountains she could step on that sprayed her in the face. (Sorry about the small pics, I will have to get that fixed.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Playing with the kids and taking these pictures the other day made me realize how much has been changing. We have come along ways and still have a long way to go. But, as I sit and look at the reflections of my children I have so many questions: Do my kids reflect who I am? If so, is that good or bad? As I look at the past and reflect, am I learning or repeating? Am I making the choices today to reflect the future I want for me and my children? Am I enjoying them? Will they understand the decisions I am making? Will the wear and tear remain or will it fade to a distant memory? When am I going to cut Jaxon's hair?
I love my kids and would do anything to keep them happy, safe and feeling loved. I hope that is enough. The scripture goes that "after you have done ALL you can do..." I will have to do more, there is always something else that can be done.

Kyah's 2nd Birthday

Blow Kyah Blow! She did it the first time, no problems, but then she wanted to do it again and again. You only turn 2 once. Check out Jaxon's face - priceless!

She had to have Boots on her plate.

She was so excited to open all her fun new presents. Unfortunately, she wasn't surprised by what was in each present, while Harley and I were upstairs finishing getting everything ready for the party, Jaxon and Kyah were in the basement suposedly watching a movie but in all reality they were unwrapping all of Kyah's presents that I had stayed up late wrapping the night before. Then Jaxon (full of pride) walks upstairs and announces that he unwrapped all of Kyah's presents. Little stinker was so proud of himself. So, I quickly re-wrapped them right before everyone got there for the party

Kyah's cake is a bit of a sore spot. I was excited to make some cute girl cake, but she insisted on "Boots." So, that's what she got even if it was a little on the ugly side. The good news is that it tasted great and I learned a lot. I learned fresh raspberries don't do great in between layers of cake covered in fondant (notice the bulge on the top layers and the red line on the yellow) and I learned that I am not a huge fan of modeling things out of fondant - that little monkey kicked my butt.

She is two! Bring on the tandtrums! Kyah I love you and all the spunk that comes with you. I'm so grateful that you are mine and for all the wild rides we will inevitably go on!