Thursday, September 17, 2009

Case Lot Sales

It is that time of year again. It's as good as Christmas (almost) for my mom and I. We tend to get a little nutty about food storage, so I just thought I give a shout out and let you know locally where some really great deals are.

Overall I thought that Maceys/Winegars had the best deals on the majority of items. I have gone through the adds and picked out some of the most common items and done a price comparison (I know totally nerdy!) for those items, with the price and what store. Please go shopping. Even if you just spend $20, do something - anything - PLEASE!!

Flour (25 lb bag) -- $6.49 (Winegars)
Sugar (25 lb bag) -- $9.77 (Winegars)
Vegetables (Canned) -- $0.44 (Smiths)
Beans (Canned) -- $0.57 (Maceys/Winegars)
Water Barrels (55 gallon)*** -- $35.99 (Maceys/Kents)
Soup (Tomato/Chicken Noodle) -- $0.33 (Maceys)
Soup (Cream of Chicken/Mushroom) -- $0.50 (Maceys/Kents)
Chili -- $0.88 (Reams
Apple Juice -- $0.99 (Maceys)
Brown Sugar/Powdered Sugar -- $0.99 (Winegars/Maceys)
Oil (128 oz bottle) -- $4.99 (Maceys)
Pancake Syrup (128 oz bottle) -- $3.99 (Maceys)
Spaghetti O's -- $0.48 (Macyes)
Spaghetti Sauce (Jar) -- $0.88 (Reams)
Salt -- $0.39 (Reams)
Sweetened Cond. Milk -- $0.99 (Maceys)
Evaporated Milk -- $0.67 (Winegars/Maceys)
Tuna -- Tuna (Maceys/Smiths)
Pasta -- $0.88 (Reams)
Ramen (case) -- $3.00 (Smiths)

***If you do not have water, you will die and none of that food will matter - just sayin'.

Also, Maceys, Kents, Winegars - generally all the associated foods stores around these parts carry a wide selection of food/items in #10 cans. Anything from Powdered Milk, Cheese, Eggs, etc. to Freeze dried fruits, vegetables and meats.

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