Monday, July 11, 2011

Lava Hot Springs

This was Colby and the kids first time to Lava... We planned on driving up there and grabbing dinner in town and then running to set up camp before it got too dark.  Colby pulled into town drove the 3-4 blocks that it is and was like "What? There is nothing here."
So we ended up doing dinner at one of the three places available - Fat Jacks.

(I have no idea what Jaxon is doing in this picture.)

Right next to our campground was a little play area for the kids - which was PERFECT!  I really liked the place we stayed, it's called Smith's Trout Haven.

My friend Melissa and her family live in Idaho Falls and met us here to camp and play for the weekend.  They have two girls that my kids just adore.

See?  This is Kyah with her buddy Reese.  They are only 2 months apart and are super cute together.

The kids were caught all playing under the table together - I love surprises like this.

Jaxon is such a good big brother.  He adopted Gillian the whole time we were there, he followed her around and made sure she was okay.

My cute friend Melissa, as chance would have it her husband and Colby served in the same mission for about a year together.  They were never companions, but had a great time reminiscing over the camp fire.

We spent a chunk of Saturday at the pool, because really what else is there to do in Lava?

All in all it was a great little trip.  Good food, good friends and occupied kids.

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