Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time for the Diet

I spent more time at my Parent's house this week than I have since possibly high school. Tuesday I went over to teach my Mom how to make a new pasta dish, which everyone was instantly a fan of. Thursday I went over just to hang out and let my Mom feed us, I was not making dinner! Friday I found out that my Grandpa Koerner and Aunt Val were coming up for dinner, so I went over to help my Mom, I threw together dinner and made Cherry Bars (which are awesome - recipe to follow in another post). Then I spent almost all of Saturday and Sunday there watching conference and cooking/eating. Saturday I made steak with blue cheese sauce (I don't even like blue cheese and I think it's yummy) and Sunday I made a pumpkin roll and pumpkin roll cake pops.

Do you notice a running theme?

Where there is my family there is food. It is ridiculous how much we like to eat and some of us like to cook/bake. Boy was I ready to go back to work on Monday (just kidding) I really needed the break from being home.

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