Saturday, May 1, 2010

A sleepover

My dear sweet friend Melissa came to visit this past weekend. 
We grew up together and she moved away to Idaho years ago.  But, this weekend just for fun and for a friends babyshower, she came.

Jaxon was so excited that I was having a sleepover.  He loves them, so of course he thought it was fantastic - that and the fact that Melissa brought her gorgeous 4 month old daughter.

Who knew Jaxon was such a fan of babies?

Her stay was fun - we baked - A LOT.
We took 3 kids to Ikea on a Saturday - Hello!
We laughed and carried on and had a great time.

Side story about Jaxon - at Ikea, he would not leave Melissa and the baby.
The entire time he had his head stuck in the stroller, talking and playing with the baby.
Multiple (at least 50) times I told him to back up and give them some room, etc.
After one of these tellings, he turns to me and says,
"Don't you know Mom, I have a WAY with babies."

Are you kidding me?  I love this kid!

Melissa, please come back and visit soon and make sure and bring Gillian too.

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