Friday, November 12, 2010


Jaxon and I had our first Parent Teacher Conference this week.  He is doing great and his teacher thinks it's time for him to start reading.  I don't remember reading in Kindergarten.  But, apparently that's how they do things now.  I am amazed at the things he is learning.  He is constantly singing various songs he's learned at school.  Some of his current favorites are "God Bless America" and "Days of the Week" (which is the same tune as the Adam's Family theme.)  This kid cracks me up!

He brought home his first report card last Friday.  He was SO EXCITED to give it to me.  As soon as I opened it up and started looking at it he asked me if we could write a thank-you card for his teacher.  I asked him why he wanted to do that and he said "Because Mrs. Garcia takes such good care of us in class."  He also asked if I would make some mini cheesecakes (his favorite treat ever, recipe here) to give to her.  He is so thoughtful.  True to form he asked me to help him with his card as soon as we got home.

Jaxon, please don't ever change.  Please continue to love to learn and be excited to go to school.  Please stay as thoughtful and caring ten years from now as you are today.  I know it's a long shot, but can I pray he skips his teenage years??  Everyday I worry if today will be the day that I go to kiss him goodbye for school and he says he's too big.  Thankfully, today was not that day.

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