Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jaxon - In Review

You are seriously the best brother ever.  You are still a brother which means on occasion you like to torment your little sister, but for the most part I couldn't ask for more from you.

You are my helper!  Always willing to jump in and do work.  You are turning into such a little man.  You want to go to the tool store and go fishing.

 You crack me up!  You think that you are hillarious and are always telling jokes. 

You ask a million and five questions.  You want to know EVERYTHING.  The things you remember and the facts you spout off impress everyone.

You're favorite part of helping me in the kitchen is the taste testing.

You are thoughtful and kind.  Always worried about others feelings.  You are very sensitive.

I love the adventures that we have together.

I can see the inklings that you think you are too big to be my baby and sit on my lap -
You will NEVER be to old to be my baby.

You had the best Iron Man birthday known to man - even Iron Man himself was jealous.

You started Kindergarten this year - I can't even believe you are old enough to be in school.  You are doing so good.  Math is your best subject and are learning to read.

You are my super hero!

You learned to swim this summer.  Since then I can not keep you out of the are a self proclaimed fish.  All you need is a pool and some goggles.

I love you and your mischevious little face!  Please stay mine - even when the other boys think that being sweet on your Mom is uncool - please still be sweet on me.

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