Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kyah - In Review

January - You still look like my baby (See picture at bottom of post)
You love your brother.  93.5% of the time you are best friends.  I love that! 

You love to help Mom bake in the kitchen and always want to be my helper.

You got potty trained this year - Good job!!! (Girls are so much easier than boys.)

You love animals - all of them and were thrilled when we had a temporary dog.

You have an expression for every occasion and are so photogenic. 

You love your "puppies" more than just about anything and you still don't leave the house without it. (Warning: This is going to have to come to an end - sorry!)

You make friend easy and love to play with others.

You love your Aunties!

You made your first trip to California this summer.  You loved playing in the sand
and running from the waves.

Dollies/Babies are one of your favorite toys - always trying to be a little mother.

I LOVE those curls - except when I have to brush them and you scream at the top of your lungs.  I consider cutting your hair, but I'm secretly afraid your curls will go away, so I don't.

You had the biggest and best Princess Birthday Party EVER!!  Turning 3 has never looked so good.

This will always melt my heart and I pray everyday that this never changes.

See the face above... she used to be the face below.  My baby is getting big and I'm not sure I can handle it.  Maybe one of these days that little body of yours will grow into the attitude you came with.

Thank you for being my baby.  And for all the fun we have had this year.  You are fearless and exciting.  Thank you for making my life

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