Monday, November 9, 2009

Hazy Maze

Is it just me or is life on fast forward?

Do you ever sit back and say "Where did this week go?" I find myself thinking this more and more lately. I feel like I am continually in that movie moment where the main character is standing still and they do a sped up time lapse around them. And it seems to me that the more people I talk to about it, the more it appears to be the general consensus. Is that true? Do you feel the same way?

Is it because we overcrowd our lives? Is it censory overload? Is it that time truly is speeding up? Or is it that we are constantly packing so much into our brains?

When you are 4 Christmas takes forever to get here, yet when you are 34 it's here before you know it. I think there is some truth in adding memories and being distracted. I think it takes a long time when we are 4 partially because in your WHOLE LIFE you have only had 3-4 Christmases. There is not much to compare them to, your memories are not yet litered with fragments of Christmases past. Each year is fresh on your young mind - nothing is bigger than Christmas as a child. It's bright and special and remembered! It could also seem that way because we have less distractions. Now I understand that children are easily distracted, but not lastingly distracted (if that makes any sense.) I believe as adults we are also easily distracted, but it is on more lasting things - job, bills, family, extra curriculars, etc.

I keep trying to focus myself - point myself and my life in the "right" direction. I find that I do great for a week or two and then do a giant belly flop. I fear that for all my good intentions I am not focused where I should be. Life just keeps zipping past me. I believe that Satan uses distraction as a tool. "If I can keep your focus here (hobbies, toys, promotions, etc.) ... you will not focus over here (gospel, getting prepared, home, testimony, etc.). I found this talk by Elder Uchtdorf and I really think it is worth reading if you have a minute.

I will do better, because it matters. I will grab a hold of the time I have and wisely choose how to use it. I will try harder to not let time fly by without my brain engaging.

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