Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Old Friends

This past weekend I met up with some old college friends. My how the time flies. It seems like a life time ago I was running around Snow College with these cute girls. The stories I could tell you about these 3 .... wait they have stories about me too. Maybe somethings are left in the past.
This is Maghann isn't she sassy! I look like an old prude in comparison, but I am kind of the old mother of the group - what do you do? Anyway, I haven't seen Maghann since her wedding 2 years ago - PATHETIC. Maghann and I once drove down to St. George to watch our boys basketball team play. Maghann was driving and we were in this MASSIVE white out, we're talking visibility of a few inches. For whatever reason (I don't remember her wipers having this issue any other time) her wipers had issues. They would start together in time, but one had a lag so eventually they would be going the opposite direction of each other and get stuck together. To try and solve the problem we would either pull off the road and pray not to get stuck or I would stick my head out the passenger window and try and scrape the snow and pull them apart (while Maghann continued to drive.) We had a lot of fun and I would probably hurt my children if they did/do stuff like we use to. Maghann is very fit (I want her body! Not in a gross way, just the put my head on her body kind of way - NEVERMIND!), super smart (she got much better grades than me) and acts like a toughy but has the sweetest heart.

This is Kori - technically KoriAnn - but, I can't call her anything but Kori. She was my roommate. Kori was always there for me - she would listen to my wild, crazy stories and laugh and she would listen when I needed a shoulder too. She dated and hung out with "Polys" with me - which is an adventure all on it's own. In fact, Kori was dating a boy who now plays for the NFL, impressive right? Kori's a local, so we were always running back and forth to Manti, riding her parents 4-wheelers and cruising around in her car. Kori is conservative, happy and genuine. She laughs all of the time, I can hear it just thinking about it.

This is Debbie - she is also a local (she knew everyone). I've been friends with her the longest. Yes, I really am that much taller than her. Debbie is a true red head, she can get so feisty! I love it - she cracks me up. I feel like I have been all over the place with this girl. She considers my sisters her own, which is great - we are always open to more. Debbie is fearless. She is younger than me and I always felt like she was the older one. Debbie was/is an avid football fan, we had so much the games... with the team... We love football! Debbie is loyal, passionate and a cheese!
Gosh - all the memories that are swimming around my brain. I going to have to go home and pull out the photo album. Thanks for bearing with me while I indulged in a stroll down memory lane.

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  1. Awww!!! Thanks for the awesome tribute! Those were some damn good times, yeah?? I am so happy we were able to hang out!