Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Grandpa...

This is my Grandpa. I love him dearly. He is one of those grandpas who plays tough, but is really a softy. Having a family of 6 girls, he would call us all a bunch of boys and threaten to cut off our pony tails/give us hair cuts. I have always been soft on my Grandpa, my Grandma died when I was 8 and I always felt he needed a little bit more love because of it.My Grandpa is a Veteran. He was a gunner in WWII. Look at that baby face, can you believe they sent these guys to war? He told me once he was the only boy in their neighborhood that returned from the War. The heart ache that must have been.

This isn't a great picture, because it's a picture of a picture, but this is my Grandpa in front of one of their planes. He has quite a few stories and a lot of great pictures. I am proud of my Grandpa and grateful for the sacrifice that he and so many other young men just like him made for my freedoms. To my Grandpa and all Veterans everywhere - THANK YOU! May God be with you and bring you peace. I love you Grandpa.

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