Thursday, April 15, 2010

Help a Sister Out!

So, here's the skinny. (I wish, not quite - but that's why we're here.)

I have 2 months to look like this...

Okay, not really - at least not without THOUSANDS of dollars of plastic surgery, but you get what I mean.

In all reality I need/would like to lose 15-20 pounds by June.

"So What?" You might ask, "Why does this involve me?"

Because I need YOUR help!

Your suggestions, ideas, support when I really want to make something delicious... like lemon bars - I LOVE lemon ba - STOP!  (See what I mean - I need you.)

So, if you want to go walking, come do a work out video or volunteer to keep my kids for a half hour so Mom can hit the gym - let me know.

Why by June?  Well, there will be more pictures taken during June then probably the rest of the year combined... Oy!  Jaxon's birthday, 10 year High School Reunion, Grandparents 50th anniversary.. then of course there is Swimsuit season - my kids love the pool and Rach's wedding.
After looking at the pics of Amanda's wedding and me looking absolutely cow like - I vowed to look hot in Rach's, so please, please, please

Thank you - the Management!

(Photo Courtesy of Victorias Secret.)


  1. You + Me + Workout tapes + Walks =
    Victoria Secret Model Body

    WE CAN DO IT! :)

  2. Amber, my dear! You are so cute with the words. I dont know if you already know this but I just want to put it out there - don't dip too low on the calories! You body will just think it's starving itself and will (after losing a little) start holding onto whatever you give it! Lots of weight training to put on more muscle to burn more fat, cardio, and protein (in a balanced diet of course!) You always look beautiful, fyi ;)

  3. You crack me up! You already look amazing and I'm sure you have NEVER looked like a cow! :D

  4. hey amber! go to my blog - - the last couple of months i've been doing body for life, and have been blogging about my experience about that, but before that i did a 28 sugar detox, and before that i have tips and advice on there.... you've probably seen justin... he's lost 46 lbs in the last 6 months with what ive been having him do! feel free to email me or anything with questions - id love to help ya on the support side!

  5. I have lost a good amount of weight lately. I've done the hcg diet twice. It works great as long as you follow the diet and do phase 3. Once you do that it makes life amazingly easier.
    The last time I saw you sweetie I thought you looked great! Made me wish I looked as good as you. I too am looking to lose another 20 pounds by June. So far I'm not doing too great, and decided I wanted to forgo the hcg this time. So if you ever wanna get together and exercise and let our kids mesh while we do so lets do it. I'm only going to be around until the 1st of June. So might as well make the best of it... right? Let me know!