Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I want a brother.

Last night I took the kids to Lowe's to buy some flowers to spruce up the front yard. 
While walking around, Jaxon looks at me and says,
"I want a BROTHER."

Um... (Stumble, catch my own fall..) WHAT?

"Yeah, I want a brother - can you JUST grow one in your belly?"

(Still trying to find my voice and not just laugh at the sweet kid.)

"And Kyah wants a sister - I want a brother and Kyah wants a sister."

I finally remember that I am the Mom and this kid wants an answer...
Well buddy... you remember how Mom and Dad aren't married anymore...
(I hate bringing that up with him)
Well, you have to be married to have a baby...
(A lie, I know - but what am I to do?)
So, Mommy will have to get married again before we can have a baby.

"Oh..." that's all he said.
(Poor kid - I would love to have another too,
but the divorce thing kind of screws that up.)

Then comes this morning.
I'm trying to get him out of bed (which is ALWAYS a process).
He says, "Here's the deal..
I'll get out of bed, if YOU marry Dad again so we can have a baby."

Did I mention it wasn't even 8 a.m. yet?
I am not equipped to handle this type of discussion that early.


  1. Your kids are so sweet! Jaxon told me the same thing on Tuesday, just haven't had a chance to catch up with ya! :D

  2. That is so cute, Juliana has made me the topic of conversation in Manti which isn't that hard, but everyone keeps asking if I'm prego because she always says she wants a little bro or sister.