Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's no wonder...

The following views are those of a mother on a soap box, read at your own risk.

I turned off my cable in January of last year and when everything went digital I did not get a transmitter.  So, this means that we have not had tv in my house for almost two years.  Now while I realize that seems archaic to most, I have really not missed it.  I occasionally wish I could sit down and watch Food Network or maybe a football game, but in general I'm glad it's gone.  We still watch movies, just not tv.

Last night I went to a friends house to watch Glee (see I'm still aware of what's going on) with some friends.  Can I just say that between the Brittney Spears episode (should have known better) and the 2 minute segment of another Law and Order type show we caught before turning off the tv, I don't think I will ever allow the tv back in my home again.  I do realize how I sound right now... hence the disclaimer at the top of the post.  I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be, but I can not believe what is put on tv for public consumption.  I know I have the option of not watching it and I won't, but I just wondered if anyone else feels the same way or if I really am as "Leave it to Beaver" as I sound.

Thanks for listening...


  1. I hear ya!! We haven't watched tv in about two does get turned on very occasionally late at night or for football...and I admit that I do watch some of my favorite shows when they come out on DVD - but the content of what is out on tv is just ridiculous!! It seems to be 100% geared toward sex and getting worse and worse all the time. Definately going to keep my kids from tv and make them do productive shit.

  2. We haven't had TV for 3-4 years for the same reason. I do wish that I could watch food network but with netflix, they have lots of fun cooking shows to watch.

  3. I'll give you a High 5. When my kids were puppies we didn't have tv for awhile and it was great. But dad needed his ball games so...

    I have one daughter that does not have tv and they watch a lot of movies too.

    I do enjoy the cooking shows, HGTV and The Biggest Loser. The