Friday, September 10, 2010

Not just a burger...

This week I tried a new restaurant, Taste of India.  Super yum... I tried the Chicken Coconut Korma and the Mango Chicken, with some Cheese Naan on the side.  I liked that you can specify the heat of the dish, anything can be mild, medium or hot.  I tried a mild and medium....definately couldn't do the hot without a few gallons of water.

And then today I went to the Greek Festival for lunch... So much good food!  I tried Dolmathes, Pastitsio, Souvlaki, Spanakopita and of course a Gyro.  (Please keep in mind I was sharing this food with another person and that I did not single handedly eat all this.)  And for dessert we had Kourambiedes, Galotopita and Bakalava.  Colby accidentally ate the whole clove that they use as a garnish in the Baklava...
"Wow!  This tastes like Christmas." 

They had art, jewelry and clothing to purchase as well as dancing during the evening.  If you are downtown this weekend check it out.

I think we get comfortable in our eating habits and forget or are afraid to try new things....
be Brave, try something new.

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  1. Mmmmm Indian food is my favorite!! I have a couple of favorite Indian restaurants but Bombay House, a really popular one, is not that good in my for thought. Baklava is sooooo good. I am craving some right now :)