Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kids say ....

I work downtown and it tears me apart to see people sitting in the very cold weather and begging. Everyone in my family is very sensitive to this situation. It has always been a concern to help those in need. We are always wanting to do "something."

This Christmas my family and I put together "gift bags" for the homeless. It was a bag with an array of food/snacks, socks, mats and mittens. It's not a lot, but we hoped that it would be something "nice." In preparation of the deliver and in explanation of what we were doing I tried talking to Jaxon what being "homeless" was, based on our conversation I thought he understood and he was happy to help.

Last night we set about delivering these gift bags. Because it was later in the evening and because my kids are both sick, my Mom thought that we should not take them out in the cold. While we were driving around a few questionable blocks of downtown, we came upon a man who my Mom thought might appreciate a bag. She rolled down her window and asked if he needed some food and Jaxon yelled "And a house?" He thought that in addition to giving them the gift bags we should have brought wood, nails and paint and then he could have built them a house so they wouldn't be homeless.

I love my sweet boy. He is always wanting to build something to make life better. He constantly tells me he wants to build a house big enough for our family and both sets of grandparents and all of the siblings to live together. I hope that he holds onto the desire to make the world better and the belief that he can do something about it.

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