Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Healthy Dinner Ideas

We went to the grocery store after work... this is normal.  Upon entering the grocery store Jaxon asked for a raspberry filled donut ... which happens about 50 % of the time.  Due to it being 7 pm a box of a dozen assorted donuts was half off.  Great!  Not a big deal, I figure they'll have maybe 3 or 4 donuts that the kids will like and because they are cheap if they don't finish them I won't be upset.  So, we proceed to the donuts... to my shock and Jaxon's delight - they had a ton of raspberry filled donuts left ... this is NOT normal.  So, I bought 9 raspberry donuts and 3 chocolate (for them to share with their Dad.)

Do I need to explain what happened when we got home? 

The funny thing is, Jaxon could only make it through one donut.  I realize that is a good thing but normally he finishes one and wants to eat Kyah's.  When the opportunity presents itself to eat himself sick - that's when he chooses to use self-control.  Go figure!

(No children were harmed in the eating of all of this sugar - Dinner was eaten before we went to the grocery store.  Besides, I'm the Mom and I do what I want! )

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  1. Donuts for dinner is A great idea!!!! and I love being the mom and doing what I want!!!